That’s me with my beautiful wife.

Hi I’m Mickey, a full-time storyteller with a passion for creating meaningful images. If you appreciate natural, candid & emotionally evoking imagery then you are my kindda couple. As your photographer, I will find what makes you tick both as individuals & as a couple; I will tap into your personality, highlight the romance & create images that reflect & highlight your unique relationship. On your wedding day itself, I will find during your celebrations real moments with real feelings. I will work with you in a way that will allow me to enter your world & capture you for who you truly are.

“If you appreciate natural, candid & emotionally evoking imagery then you are my kindda couple.”

My Photography Style

If I were to describe my photography style I would call it photo-journalistic, reportage but with a hint of traditional portraiture. Over the years I have developed a passion shooting candid, natural photography of “people being people” in the real world. It is a style of photography which focuses on emotion, interaction, feeling, contemplation & context. I have learnt to adapt this candid, natural approach to my wedding photography to deliver a series of images, which can tell a story. I have invested into mentorship and training under the expert guidance of some world-class wedding photographers, who share the same vision and style as I & have adopted & learnt from their own experiences to continuously push myself to to excel.

My Approach to Weddings

It is my job during the wedding to find the moments that will resonate for years to come. I will work tirelessly with my couples & their guests to ensure that the essence & genuine feelings of the day are not forgotten. My approach to weddings is one in which I aim to be as least intrusive to the ceremony & its moments as possible. This is not to say that I won’t offer direction when needed, especially during formal & informal group shots.  I pay particular attention to composition & emotion when creating imagery, so that I can  put the subject into a relevent-context & so that the photo, on its own merit,  can tell a story that evokes  feeling & thus drawing the viewer into the story.

My Approach to Photoshoots

My pre-wedding engagement shoots are fun, relaxed and memorable. I like to shoot these sessions with a casual lifestyle theme in mind. In other words I look for environments and interactions that reflect everyday situations; be it a stroll in the park or a day out in town. If you want to have a more unique photoshoot, then I am happy to work with you, on a concept that highlight your personality.

If you wish for a more formal session, then I would be happy adapt some traditional romatic poses & direct them in a way that gives them a more natural & candid look. My approach to these engagement shoots, differ slightly to the way that I shoot real-time weddings. For obvious reasons, there needs to be a little more direction & creative input from myself as the context or story often has to be subtlety created, rather than found.  I am not one to “over-pose” my couples, in a way that comes across too awkward or staged. Rather, I like to interact with the couple to keep them at ease, I want to position the couple then step back to allow them to express themselves in their own element.