Big Fat Hindu Wedding at the City Palace, Jaipur

2017-03-26_0042This was my first wedding of 2017 & it was one that I’d been looking forward to for some time. The prospect of it was exciting, not so much because of the grandness of the wedding itself, but rather the adventurous logistics & challenges faced when shooting a wedding in Jaipur. Although this wasn’t the first destination wedding that I had undertaken in India, it was however, the first one in which I had committed to shooting almost 6 separate events over the space of 3 days. Now anybody who has photographed or organised a wedding with so many events will know how exciting yet daunting it can be what to speak of it being in India; the land of the efficient and predictable (a little bit of sarcasm, incase you missed it :P).

There were admittedly a few hiccups to say the least, in fact the concept of “Indian-timing” was truly tested. But! I feel as if it was all meant to be, as the unexpected kept me on my feet & pushed me above & beyond, to capture the moments that mattered.  However, it has to be said, the one thing that really gelled it all together, was the amazing couple themselves. Without their love, vision, efforts, care & patience, such an awe-inspiring wedding would not have been possible.

The wedding was held at the beautiful City Palace, home of the the royal family of Jaipur. The Hindu wedding ceremony was perfectly executed by Kripamoya das, a well respected & learned priest who was flown in from Bhaktivedanta Manor, London. His delivery of the Hindu wedding ceremony was full of fun, laughter, contemplation & a blessing to the couple of “one hundred sons” lol.

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