Vani & Varun’s Hindu Wedding in Florida

Over the Easter break I flew out to the states to capture the wedding celebrations of Vani & Varun in Florida. For me it was a big’un as I was going out to shoot alone. Needless to say it all went smooth as the hosts were incredible. Both families were beyond awesome, kind & helpful. The bride was so chilled out & joyful & the groom… well those who know him, know 😛

The wedding was in the small town of Alachua, a few hours drive from Disney!!! It was held in the back yard of Vani’s childhood home, well I say “back yard” but compared to our typical British gardens it was more like a large park. The weather was hot, alligators were close & the Brits were ready to show the Yanks how its done… except by the end of the night it was the Americans who were owning the dancefloor! I guess you could excuse the Brits for being jet lagged 😛

I would like to say a big thank you to Jagdish & Savitri for looking after me during my stay and driving me to all the events on time & most of all for giving me an endless supply of mint choc-chip ice cream :). Also a huge shout out to our wedding coordinator, Ganga & her team, for organising the wedding & reception as well as for setting up the classy wedding-decor.
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